Pupa to its Plant

Let the stillness pass

and I will show you  how I am going to light up

this dull winter sky

underneath which you and I

make love to each other, ceaselessly,

and wait for the moment of truth

manifesting itself in beauty, endlessly;

let me burst open

the temporary reality

of this hard shell

and you will see how

our pain and penance

brings the heaven down to the earth

as calmly as the unfolding of a leaf;

let the reluctant sun

with his lecherous face

hidden in the bosoms of helpless clouds

watch us make love:

I devouring

your succulent tenderness

and you feeding me

your own green self;

and let every speck of dust


my unfurling beauty

as I explode in colours

when at last

to you

I bid adieu.


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