Kalpana Sharma at H C U

            Kalpana Sharma, veteran journalist and writer, delivered a lecture on the topic ” Journalism as if Gender Matters” at the Dept of Communications yesterday. Me being a regular follower of her column ‘The Other Half’  in ‘The Hindu’, was absolutely thrilled to finally see her in flesh and blood. It was almost as if someone very near to you had come to town! ( Well, I had the same feeling when Paul Krugman won the Nobel for Economics last year, courtesy the ‘Paul Krugman column’ in the same newspaper!)
She talked in length about how developing a gender sensitive approach is crucial in contemporary journalism. The talk was followed by an interactive session with the audience. Crucially, the ‘inside view’ that she as a journalist of immense experience could bring was clearly visible throughout the talk
To top it all, I also managed to have a little chat with Ms.Sharma after the session. It was a delightful evening, indeed.

N.B:  to know more about Kalpana Sharma, please check out this website- http://www.indiatogether.org/opinions/kalpana/


 The Peacock Lake

One of the most favourite hangouts in the campus. It’s almost a surreal experience to be here in the evening. You are tempted to believe that you are actually in a tourist spot and not in a University!! Although the place resounds with peacock calls all the time, am yet to actually see one  here!
The Peacock Lake

An evening drenched in Banjuri

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasya  performed here in H C U as a part of  Viraasat, a cultural fest organised by SPIC-MACAY(  Society for the promotion of Indian Culture, Music and Art Among Youth ). He was accompanied by Vijay Ghate on Tabla. The chief component of the performance was the ‘Kalyani’  raga. The artist later obliged to a request from the audience and played a mesmerising ‘Pahadi’ tune. The dual between the flute and tabla also proved to be a real delight as both artists soared to higher levels of competence and skill. The evening  turned surreal with the splendour of music, rejuvenating the soul and soothing the mind.
Undoubtedly a welcome change from the academic routine, it also brought back memories of my Trivandrum days, where I used to spend whole days drifting through venues in the city!


Something very drastic happened yesterday.

Since our hostel mess is yet to start, I usually have lunch at the Students Canteen.Yesterday when I reached the canteen,it was overcrowded, which was only normal. What was not normal( for a newcomer, i guess) was something I saw there: MONKEYS!! Not one, not two, plenty of them. Some were perched up on the trees, some walking fearlessly on the ground, some eating rice from some poor chap’s plate ( the guy had gone inside to fetch water or something, not knowing that he’ll return to find his plate half empty!)
In short, absolute pandamonium.

Finally the canteen staff had to intervene and they tried to scare them away. Some of the animals even tried charging at them,to my utter disbelief. They were so unbelievably  aggressive!!

                                                Public Meeting

The campus life slowly picks up pace as activities gets started. There was a public meeting yesterday night at the GOPS (a popular eatery and hang out at the campus) organised by SFI. Prof. Hargopal, renowned Political scientist and human rights activist, was the main speaker. He spoke on the topic ‘The Changing Nature of Indian State’, followed by an interaction with the students.The highlight of the talk for me was his concluding remark ” Marxism is a way of thought and not a substitution for thought”.

It has started raining here and memories slowly comes calling!!